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Pilates Education offered at ROUX Wellness – Do you want complete your Pilates Teacher Training program with the best?

ROUX Wellness is the proud partner of Pilates education for Merrithew™, offering mindful movement education courses and workshops, training that gives you the competitive edge in the fitness industry.

Merrithew is proud to celebrate more than 35 years in the fitness industry. As the company grows and diversifies they continue to broaden their portfolio of programming by introducing new and exciting forms of mindful exercise, including STOTT PILATES, STOTT PILATES Rehab, ZEN•GA, CORE, Total Barre, Halo Training and Merrithew Fascial Movement all of which are recognized as The Professional’s Choice around the globe.

At ROUX Wellness we offer:  STOTT PILATES, Total Barre, Halo Training, ZEN•GA, Merrithew Fascial Movement Courses and Workshops, with the list growing every year.

Are you interested in becoming a STOTT PILATES® Instructor?

As a newbie you can easily get started with our online  Anatomy of Movement Course.  This online self-paced course fully prepares you or additionally it can serve as a refresher, or for anyone needing to fulfil the anatomy prerequisite for the Intensive program.

Anatomy is like learning a new language. Understanding anatomy language is beneficial to movement specialist as it allows us to communicate our findings with precision when talking to professionals such as Osteopaths, Physiotherapist, etc. and to keep good notes on our client files that will help eliminate any confusion.” Rouxchelle Denton-Cooke

This course was put together from Rouxchelle’s experience of studying different anatomy resources and choosing what she believes will best prepare a student for studying the different movement modalities taught at ROUX Wellness. The objective of this course is to help you understand how the the muscles move the body and how those movements occur. This will also prepare you for when you enrol into our Pilates and or other courses.

Understanding the biomechanical movements of the body will make you a much better instructor as you will make better programming choices for your client/s.

After you have completed this course you can enrol either into the IMP- Intensive Mat Course or the IR – Intensive Reformer Course.

If you are already working in the field of movement then you can start with either the IMP- Intensive Mat Course or the IR – Intensive Reformer Course.

Contact Rouxchelle for more details on how to get started with your Pilates Career!

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