Our pilates on demand option is a great way to workout online, with over a 100 workouts to choose from.  Learn from the master herself Rouxchelle as she guides your through beginner to advance level workouts online but with that personal touch that makes it feel like shes’s right there with you. Join our supportive community and get access to much more.





Our subscription-based training videos offer something for everyone from beginner to advanced.

Our @home subscription is great if you dont have any equipment, but looking at staying in great shape and motivated by  our online workout challenges and access to our exclusive facebook group where you can interact with others on the challenge and have access to some of Rouxchelle’s favourite recipes and tips.  Our @home workouts range from prop free to all sorts of props and we will even tell you what at home props you could use instead of what we use in our videos. Our workouts also range from 15 min quick effective target areas to full lenght and full body – so no excuses to workout, stay fit and healthy at home.

The Pro All Access Subscription includes all of the above and is perfect for the pilates enthusiast or pilates teacher or pilates instructor that has access to a reformer and other equipment pieces such as the chair and cadillac etc. and our growing library of teaching notes is a valuable asset as all the prep work is done for you saving you time.

Let Rouxchelle and her team help you out with inspiring flows and new content, tips and notes to keep you and your clients movitvated.


We have created a complete program that starts with simple yet comprehensive mat-based workouts that provide a good understanding of Pilates principles and works all the way up to advanced equipment-based training.

Get started now for one low monthly cost or subscribe to an annual membership for additional savings.


My payment failed, what do I do now?

Login to your ROUX On Demand account and check your card details, you may have to update them. If not there will be one more automated process on your card so be sure there is funding available.

How do I update my credit or debit card?

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Can I pause my subscription


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Can I cancel my subscription

Yes, but you can always pause too if you still want to come back 

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How do I access the private Facebook Group?

You will be sent a link in the welcome email, or just request access

Can I upgrade my subscription?

Yes, ....

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How do I participate in the Challenges?

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