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Practical Examination

  • The examinee needs to have access to all the necessary Merrithew brand props and equipment required for the examination
  • It is the examinee’s responsibility to provide the client body, this should be someone who fits within the health guidelines of their local government. The body must be able to perform the majority of the required exercises and should not have any conditions or injuries that require further modification than what is taught in the manuals.

Practical Examination Technical Considerations

  • Position the camera to observe a side view of the client’s body (the entire length, head to toe), allowing for an additional three feet on either end to ensure enough room to move about. Be sure to keep the view close enough so that details in the subject’s movement and the interaction between examinee and the subject can be seen.
  • Test the video communication platform’s recording process and sound level and make sure that it records properly and that your voice can be heard on the recording. This should be done by the IT prior to starting the examination.
  • Face the camera, instructing from the far side of the subject to avoid obstructing the view. w Camera adjustments should be performed at natural breaks in the examination process. (i.e. between the postural analysis and Matwork or between the Matwork & Reformer).
  • The recording may not be stopped at any point during the practical component of the examination. The subject’s workout must be continuous and all interactions should be seen on camera.
  • The use of notes including the Postural Analysis CheckList or manuals is not permitted.
  • The video must be sent with the examination documents via WeTransfer or Dropbox. We will not accept any other format for examination submissions at this time.

Written Examination

  • Allocate 2.5 hours (2hours plus 30 minutes buffer for set up and technical issues)
  • The Proctor will ask the examinee their preferred method for the examination. The examination can be read aloud by the Proctor and can also be displayed on a screen by the Proctor for the examinee to follow. The Proctor will indicate the examinee’s responses to the written examination on the examination documents. These will then be sent directly to Merrithew for marking and review. The examinee is welcome to read the questions on their own without prompts from the IT. The examinee will need to make their response clear for each question. i.e. State Question 1 my answer is A.