Adult Ballet Classes

ADULT BALLET CLASSES for BEGINNERS - No experience needed. Enrol for 10 weeks as a beginner and work your way up to intermediate classes! Upon enrolment you will receive a welcome pack which will include your first pair of canvas ballet shoes and few other...

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Pilates Matwork for Athletes

This is a wonderful article thank you MERRITHEW™ Pilates Matwork for Athletes By Kerrie Lee Brown as published in Onsite Fitness, 2009 Incorporating effective Pilates techniques into your client's regular gym routine can be most effective - even without using large...

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Difference between Mat & Equipment Pilates

Q.What are the major differences of doing the same exercises on mat and on other equipment designed for Pilates? Does it mean practicing on the mat is not as good? The major difference between doing Pilates exercises on the Mat vs. on the Reformer, Cadillac or...

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